Time time fruit is the second most powerful devil fruit next to the dark dark fruit because it's not the type of power to be taking lightly  

  • Devil fruit type: Paramecia

It so powerful that the user can manipulate time at will , and it can even weak living things age.


  • Time slow: a slow motion adility that slows down time(puts stress on the body)
  • Time rewind: an adillity to  rewind time as far back asthe user wants to an hour,day,month,ect 
  • Time stop: the ability to stop time (puts stress on the body)
  • Time resume: abillity to resume time
  • Time age: the abillity to make people or animals younger and older or back to thire origanal age 
  • Time healing: the abillity to heal any wounds by reversing time on it
  • Time sphers: can use time as a projectil to hit enemys from a far


  • The user it self, if they are not careful enough they can kill them self by puting the body under to much stress