Flag of the Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates (麦わら海賊団, Mugiwara Kaizokudan), also called
Straw Hat Crew (麦わらの一味, Mugiwara no Ichimi) is a pirate crew that started in East Blue. They are the one of the main focus and heroes of the Fairy One Piece Tail, and are led by one of the main protagonists, Monkey D. Luffy. The "Straw Hats" are named after Luffy's signature straw hat that was given to him by his father, Monkey D. Tiger, and are first referred to as the Straw Hat Pirates by Smoker Chaser in Alabasta. The crew sailed on the Merry Go, their first official Straw Hat ship, up until the Water 7 Arc. After the Enies Lobby Arc, they obtain a new ship called the Sunny Go. The Straw Hats currently consist of nine members whose combined bounties equal 800,000,050 Berries.

Following events with the Warlod, Bartholomew Kuma, all nine members were separated from one another. For two years, they train in relatively isolated locations, becoming stronger for the sake of helping each other.