Toby full body

Horhorta Toby

Horhorta Toby (オルオルタ・トビー, Oruoruta Tobī) is son of a familiy that is
now dead, a Mage of the Lamia Scale Guild and subsequently a member of Team Lyon.


Voice Actor: Chad Halbrook (English), Daisuke Kishio (Japanese)

Toby is a lean-built, mildly muscular young man of average height with distinctive animal features: he’s got a pair of feline or canine ears sitting on his head, a small dark nose and a lower face which is coloured differently from the rest of his body, bearing resemblance to a canine or leonine muzzle. It’s not clear whether such features are meant to mirror a lion, a dog or a cat; however, it is known that they are merely decorative, as Toby himself said to Suzuki Yuka. He has got shoulder-length, straight brown hair, large round eyes with black pupils and dark eyebrows. Both of his biceps are adorned by tattoos: the right one bears the kanji Sashimi (さしみ), while the other was adorned by a single, more elaborated one, while Toby was affiliated to Vastia Lyon), later changed to the crest of the Guild Toby re-entered, Lamia Scale.

Toby is always seen bare-chested. He initially wore an extremely loose pair of pants with mildly torn hems, held up by a long belt covered in many rhombs, with the part left out from its plain rectangular buckle hanging down. Such pants bore a large, dark shield-shaped logo emblazoned on the right knee: this depicted a stylized skull, bearing ears similar to Toby’s own ones, with a pair of bones crossed below it, most likely tibias. The whole symbol was highly reminiscent of a Jolly Roger. Toby had a red collar covered in hollow studs circling his neck, and donned a pair of simple dark shoes, each adorned by a light, stylized footprint, similar to that of a cat, or maybe a small dog.