Cha brook

"Dead Bones" Brook

Brook (ブルック, Burukku), alias Dead Bones (デッドボーンズ, Deddo Bōnzu),
Humming Brook (鼻唄のブルック, Hanauta no Burukku), Humming Swordsman, and Gentleman Skeleton is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is a skeleton the Straw Hats found on board a ghost ship after drifting into the Florian Triangle. He is a Cursed Fruit user who ate the Revive-Revive Fruit and is an undead being brought back into a pseudo-immortal state because of its powers. He is the ninth member of the Straw Hat crew and the eighth to join Luffy's crew.[7] He is also one of the two swordsmen onboard their current ship with the other being Zoro. He fills the role of the long awaited musician that Luffy wanted for his crew since his journey began. He has a bounty of 33,000,000 berries.


Super scary skeleton